Walk for Seven

So you’ve bought an iPhone and want to track step counts without draining your battery. Well Walk for Seven is the steps pedometer and activity tracker App for you! Doctors recommend walking everyday for seven days a week, with a daily goal of 10,000 steps per day. That works out to about 5 miles per day for most people. Walk for Seven will keep track of your daily step counts and keep a history for you as well.

One of the great features of this App is the ability to set the start of the weekday. Does your Office have a walking program that starts on Mondays? No Problem. Do you prefer to start your program on Fridays? No Problem. Set whatever day you want or need, and let Walk for Seven tally up the total steps for the week.

Walk for Seven Features:

  • Total Steps for Current Day
  • Weekly Step Total
  • Last Weeks Step Total
  • History List w/Sharing Feature
  • Ability to Select Start of Week Day!!!
  • Daily Step Count Goal
  • Distance Walked Estimate