From circuit design to software development. As an Independent Engineering Vendor (IEV), we can create simple solutions to complex issues. Whether your interest lies in IOT, Robotics, Automation, Cloud Computing, or Mobile Apps, we have the experience and knowledge to provide cost effective solutions. Contact us to discuss your project(s) further.

Mobile Software

We design Mobile Software to assist in your daily life and solve problems with unique solutions.

Robotics Educational Workshops

Robotics! Motivate your students to learn and understand fundemental concepts in Science, Engineering, and Software Development. Our Educational Workshops on Robotics will inspire students to explore thier imaginations and create new and unique solutions to solve everyday problems. These workshops are available for PreK-12 classrooms.

Robotics Research and Development

Research and Development in the field of Robotics is an ongoing effort for our company. Our company believes in technology solutions that assist people in improving their efforts and not replacing people with technology: Collaborative Robotics. We are exploring opportunities to bring our ideas to market. Stay tuned for more information.